A transformational change in periodontal probes

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Cumulus Dental is developing a revolutionary photonic periodontal probe that will be launched in 2018.

The periodontal probe is the current standard for measuring pocket depth and has essentially remained unchanged for 120 years.

The traditional probe provides variable pocket depth measurements between practitioners, despite extensive clinical training, limiting its value in the diagnosis of periodontal disease.

Pocket depth alone is not a reliable indicator of inflammation, an important indicator of gum health.

The ability to simultaneously and reliably measure pocket depth and inflammation, which is often indicated by temperature, would greatly enhance early detection of periodontal disease and inflammatory status.

Early and accurate diagnosis of periodontal disease and gum inflammation is critical to managing oral health. Early detection improves long term outcomes and reduces overall treatment costs. More importantly, there is increasing evidence supporting links between periodontal disease and systemic problems such as coronary artery disease, premature births and type 2 diabetes, thus increasing the importance of accurate early detection of periodontal disease.

Early Diagnosis

SmartProbe will enable early diagnosis of periodontal disease by providing additional physiological measurements of tissue status simultaneously with improved reliability of pocket depth measurements.

Improved Speed

This revolutionary probe will automate the recording of periodontal measurements directly into our advanced SmartChart digital charting system. This provides improved examination speed, as well as a reduction in recording errors and resources required to perform a periodontal exam.

Ergonomic Wireless Design

SmartProbe offers an ergonomic wireless design which makes it simple to use and comfortable to handle.

Designed By Dentists

Designed by dentists for dentists, SmartProbe fits seamlessly with your operatory workflow and solves the sterilization and usability issues commonly found on today’s electronic periodontal probes.

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